Bellingham calls on authorities to take action against racists.

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Bellingham calls on authorities to take action against racists. Jude Bellingham has urged authorities to stamp out racism from Spanish football.

Real Madrid’s England midfielder Jude Bellingham has called on authorities to do more to tackle racists among players after Aurelien Tchouameni became his latest team-mate. where a young Mallorca fan made a monkey gesture mocking the French midfielder According to a report from ยูฟ่าเบท on Tuesday.

Racism has also been a growing problem in Spanish football in recent years, with Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior often the target of opposition fans when he plays away from home. Most recently, Tchouameni was taunted by a young Mallorca fan during a game on Saturday, before Bellingham called on authorities to put an end to the matter. 

These cases have become a big problem for Spanish football. But punishments often aren’t as severe as they should be. Bellingham wants his teammates not to be targeted again and is calling on authorities to do more.

‘I didn’t know that happened. [On Saturday] This became normal during away games. It has to stop. The authorities need to do more, especially with Weenie affected by the way he played. I know my teammates and it’s not fair. You have to hope that the people you need to take care of will take care of you,’ Bellingham said.