Zoff defends Donnarumma to lead Azzurri to Euro Cup.

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Legendary Italy goalkeeper Dino Zoff has defend Gianluigi Donnarumma after a difficult year. The famous goalkeeper is not a starter for Paris Saint-Germain continued last season. By having to switch to play with Gaylaw Navas, playing 23 games, keeping 9 clean sheets.

         Despite being heavily criticized for his recent performance which is likely a result of not playing regularly. Zoff still believes in Donnarumma and appreciates helping the team to the title Past Euro 2020.

         “Donnarumma was the ultimate performance of the goalkeeper role today UFABET. He made us European champions.” Ziff told the TG2 Post. “We were out of the World Cup. But winning the Euros is important.”

         Meanwhile, Zoff talks about the Azzurri’s loss to the World Cup. “Not playing at the World Cup twice in a row is a big deal. But today we absorb it better than in my time.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma first started playing football at youth club level in 2003-2013, playing for Club Napoli , who had been with the team for more than 10 years. Then from 2013-2015 moved. Joining the Milan Youth Club Having played at youth level. He soon joined the professional club Milan in 2015 onwards, making more than 106 appearances for the team, making him the best goalkeeper. He is the youngest Milan team to make more than 100 appearances. And he has become the youngest goalkeeper to join the Milan team. and has a style of play that is agile, quick, decisive good problem solved. This made him an important goalkeeper in the team who often made clean sheets for Milan.